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Oceania, island in the South Pacific Ocean, east of Tonga

Geographic coordinates

19 02 S, 169 52 W

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total: 260 sq km
land: 260 sq km
water: 0 sq km

Area - comparative

1.5 times the size of Washington, DC

Land boundaries

0 km


64 km

Maritime claims

territorial sea: 12 nm
exclusive economic zone: 200 nm


tropical; modified by southeast trade winds


steep limestone cliffs along coast, central plateau


mean elevation: NA
elevation extremes: lowest point: Pacific Ocean 0 m
highest point: unnamed elevation near Mutalau settlement 68 m

Natural resources

fish, arable land

Land use

agricultural land: 19.1%
arable land 3.8%; permanent crops 11.5%; permanent pasture 3.8%
forest: 71.2%
other: 9.7% (2011 est.)

Irrigated land

0 sq km (2012)

Population - distribution

The CIA World Factbook still doesn't have data about this issue for this country or territory.

Natural hazards


Environment - current issues

increasing attention to conservationist practices to counter loss of soil fertility from traditional slash and burn agriculture

Environment - international agreements

party to: Biodiversity, Climate Change, Climate Change-Kyoto Protocol, Desertification, Law of the Sea, Ozone Layer Protection

Geography - note

one of world's largest coral islands

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