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Online character counter


How many characters does my text have?

In the world of computing, a character is the basic unit of information that makes up text. It can represent a letter, a number, a symbol, or even a blank space. It can also represent actions that are a constituent part of the text, such as the beginning of a new line or a horizontal tab.

Characters can be ideograms that represent a complete word, as in the Chinese language, and they can also be the emojis that we use to represent emotions.

This page has a simple purpose: it counts characters. To know how many characters a text has, you just need to enter it in the indicated area and the number of characters composing it will automatically appear. The reported amount is instantly refreshed upon any change in the length of the entered text. Appropriately a red 'X' appears allowing the user to clear the text area.

This character adder is designed to work well in any browser and screen size.