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with a step by step explanation of the calculation

Converter from binary number to decimal number with a step-by-step list of the calculations performed


This is a binary number to decimal number converter. You can convert negative numbers and also numbers with fractional part. The result has full precision, both in its integer part and in its fractional part. This means that the displayed result will have as many digits as it takes to contain the exact conversion.

Enter the binary number whose decimal equivalent you want to obtain. The conversion is done instantly, as the number is being entered, without the need to click on any button. Note that the textarea only supports valid characters corresponding to a binary number. These are zero, one, negative sign, and fraction separator.

Below the conversion you can see a list of the steps to perform the conversion manually. This list also appears as the number is entered.

This page also offers conversion-related functions, executable by clicking its buttons. These are:

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