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Online word counter


How many words does my text have?

Since time immemorial, words have been the main vehicle for the expression of human thought. A word is more than a mere sequence of letters; It is an entity with its own meaning, capable of transmitting ideas, emotions and knowledge. Philosophers have been fascinated by words, exploring their power to capture the essence of things and their role in communication and understanding.

This online word counter is a web page that reports the number of words used in a text. Knowing the number of words can be useful to meet text length requirements or to refine our writing style.

Instructions for use are simple. To know how many words a text has, you just need to enter it in the indicated area and the number of words that make up it will automatically appear. The reported amount is instantly refreshed upon any change to the entered text. Appropriately a red 'X' appears allowing the user to clear the text area.

This word adder is designed to work well in any browser and on any screen size. It only works with languages ​​that usually separate their words with white spaces, although it also takes into account other forms of separation between words.